What do you do at Toastmasters?
Toastmasters is all about public speaking, and how to get better at it. Here's what to expect at the typical meeting:

  • Introductions: we start all meetings by introducing ourselves and sharing an interesting fact.
  • Table Topics: this is all about impromptu speaking. The week's "Table Topics Master" generally introduces a theme and word of the day, and an envelope is passed around with various topics on that theme. Draw one and speak about it for 1 minute.
  • Speeches: each week 3 speakers give prepared speeches. Schedules are distributed 1 month in advance so you have plenty of time to prepare. Pick your own topic and type of speech, or give a "manual" speech by choosing from the ideas in various Toastmasters manuals.
  • Evaluation: each week different members are assigned roles ranging from evaluating others' performance on Table Topics, the meeting as a whole, or individual speakers. Other rotating roles include grammarian, ah-counter, timer, joker, ballot counter, and thought for the day.

To find out more, join us early in the morning in downtown Portland. We often have a full house, but there's always room for one more!